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Howcast for iPhone

Over 1.5 million downloads and counting...

The $100,000 you spent on a college degree was a waste of money. You can learn everything you ever need to know about life from short how-to video tutorials found on the iPhone app.

Megan O'Neil, Appolicious

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Howcast for iPhone shows you fun, useful how-to videos wherever you are, whether you're out and about or don't feel like powering up your computer.

Howcast for iPhone features


  • Check out the latest content by watching the most recent how-to videos. Play, pause, rewind, and skip ahead to learn and view at your own pace.


  • View the text guides that accompany every video on your device.


  • Search for a video to show you how to do just about anything.


  • Save your favorite videos to watch and share again.


  • Not sure what to watch? Shake your iPhone to watch a random video and learn something new.

Fortunately, the Howcast app gives everyone access to the important answers that they need. It is like carrying around someone who can literally do everything. This app allows the user to seek out a solution by entering a few simple terms into the main search screen.

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Uncertain how to prepare a cuttlefish? Find out with this app, which simplifies finding handy “how to” videos from the Howcast website.

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Need to know how to fix a leaky faucet...while you're standing at the faucet? Howcast delivers how-to videos wherever you need them. You can view featured, recently added, and random videos (just give a shake), or search for what you need. Second-best. App. Ever.

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