Howcast On The Ipad

Howcast for iPad

The #1 instructional video app comes to the iPad.

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Howcast for iPad shows you fun, useful how-to's wherever you are. Need to check a recipe in the kitchen? Change your oil on the road? Tie a bow tie in a hotel room? Or maybe you just want to be entertained and learn something new? With Howcast for iPad, learning to do just about anything, wherever you are, is easier and more fun than ever before.

Howcast for iPad features:

More viewing options

  • Watch videos on the full screen, or use guide mode, which features a full-screen text view and embedded step-by-step video thumbnails.
  • Swipe the screen while watching the video in full-screen mode to skip to the next step.
  • Use the sidebar menu to access additional features, such as adding a video to your likes, sharing it with others, adjusting text size, and browsing related videos.

The best viewing experience for your iPad

  • Video playback adjusts based on the speed of your connection. If you're on Wi-Fi, you'll get a higher-quality video stream.
  • Video player automatically switches between portrait and landscape views depending on the device's physical orientation.

Many ways to explore and browse the library

  • Visit the thumbnail grid on the home screen, which lets you explore a selection of featured videos.
  • View featured videos and playlists, browse new videos, and watch videos you've liked and previously watched.
  • Browse categories and sort by most liked, most viewed, and most popular videos.
  • Find topics and titles with the search bar, featured on the home screen.

With the Howcast for iPad app, you've got an incredible library of informative, entertaining how-to videos -- optimized for the iPad's amazing viewing experience -- right at your fingertips!